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Sushi Umi Omakase - Japanese Fine Dining - Markham Toronto

Omakase and
The Sushi Culture in Markham

Markham is recognized for its incredible Asian cuisine, and there are numerous sushi restaurants in the neighbourhood. Markham is bursting at the seams with diversity; it has a sizable Asian population and is constantly gaining new residents. Many people consider Markham to be suburban, but it isn't when we can provide you with an Omakase experience right here.

Sushi Umi Omakase - Japanese Fine Dining - Markham Toronto - Experience

Why you should visit Sushi UmI

Ivan, our head chef, originally from Hong Kong, found his place in Markham after working in numerous sushi restaurants for several years. He opened Sushi Umi in 2020, and for the tasting menu for the omakase, he exclusively uses the highest-quality fish.

Omakase became popular in Japan in the 1990s and is now available all over the world. Although having an Omakase Course in a sushi restaurant may seem like gambling, it usually signifies that you have been served the best seasonal meals and specials by the chefs.


Visit Sushi Umi if you're looking for a fine dining restaurant close to the centre of Markham.


Sushi Umi offers Omakase dining in the evenings. If you want to order takeout, we have Omakase, sushi, and Sashimi for lunch. Click here to read more about our lunch takeout menu.

Luxurious dining for the locals in Markham

It can be difficult to get to the Toronto downtown core if you live and work in Markham. You almost don't want to go when you consider taking the DVP for 2 hours back and forth, and then having to fight for parking when you get there. This is why you should visit Sushi Umi, which is located near downtown Markham. We provide a premium experience, so you can save your valuable time and spend it enjoying your meal.

Sushi Umi Omakase - Japanese Fine Dining - Markham Toronto - Otoro sushi
Sushi Umi Omakase - Japanese Fine Dining - Markham Toronto - fish sushi
Sushi Umi Omakase - Japanese Fine Dining - Markham Toronto - tuna sushi

Visiting the GTA and Markham
Check out the Best Omakase

It could be challenging for a visitor from another Canadian province to find Omakase in your hometown. To perfect the art of Omakase, chefs must undergo years of training. The dinner reflects the knowledge that was gained over a long period. The GTA is home to the majority of Omakase restaurants in Canada. If you are visiting the GTA or travelling to Markham for business, stop at Sushi Umi for Omakase. The Omakase experience is more than just a meal; it's something you'll never forget.


Sushi Umi is the place to go if you appreciate indulging in your food and having an intimate gathering while getting attention from the chef.

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