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Sushi Umi Omakase - Japanese Fine Dining - Markham Toronto - Dining Table

What is Omakase?

Omakase - The Ultimate Japanese Culinary Experience

One of the best things globalization has given us as a society is the opportunity to learn about and experience different cultures. Most cultures have a wealth of ancient wisdom, which we can discover through travel and online. We get influenced by travel vlogs, mukbangs (which is  a live-streamed video in which viewers can see the host eat) and whatnot. The number one perk of living in Toronto is that you don't need to travel across oceans to have a taste of those cultures. You may have heard of Omakase, a high-end Japanese dining experience with premium ingredients. Curious about the true meaning of Omakase? Continue reading to understand more. 

Omakase is about tradition, trust and perfection

The Japanese way of life is something from which we can all learn. It is rich with ancient wisdom and promotes respect, finding joy in the little things and being present “in the moment”. Most importantly, serving in perfection with “The Heart of Mastery & craftsmanship” (Takumigokoro)  in every tiny little thing.  


When it comes to the Japanese culinary experience, things are no different. This article by Savory Japan mentions “The Power of 5” when talking about Japanese Cuisine. The focus should be on the Five Senses, Colours, Taste, Ways and Attitudes. 


Food is intended to be enjoyed with others. We get much less of this because of our hectic lifestyles. We all desire to be a part of small intimate gatherings, this is where Omakase comes in.

Sushi Umi Omakase - Japanese Fine Dining - Markham Toronto - Making Sushi

Omakase literally means “I Leave The Details Up to You”

Omakase directly translates to - "I leave it up to you.


The term Omakase gained popularity in the 1990s. 

Omakase, a chef-curated dinner, is famous for its direct interactions with the chef. The customer leaves the order details to the sushi chef. The experience of watching the chef do their magic is a spectacle in itself. View it like an interactive performance, added with personal stories and recommendations.

All this makes Omakase the intimate dining moment everyone should get to experience once. Being a part of this experience allows you to form a personal bond with the chef and their life experiences and stories.


Omakase allows you to focus entirely on your guests and be fully present “in the moment”. It is a menu-free experience, in which the chef chooses what you eat based on the seasonal availability of the fish, vegetables and other ingredients that are at their highest quality of the year.

Omakase at Sushi Umi

An Omakase experience can traditionally last a few hours, at Sushi Umi, we have a set number of courses.

Take note of the following Omakase cultures.

Sushi Umi Omakase - Japanese Fine Dining - Markham Toronto - Appertizers


You might feel overwhelmed by the time, but it is all worth-it when you see the food appeals to all of your senses (and cameras). You will be able to see the dishes being handled with care and precision using traditional Japanese techniques and the creativity of the chef.

The culinary experience typically includes delectable seasonal fish, with a focus on high-quality ingredients. Sushi Umi uses fish imported from Japan to bring you traditional and fresh flavours.

Sushi Umi Omakase - Japanese Fine Dining - Markham Toronto - Sushi


You may be apprehensive, "Is this experience for me?" Yes, if you enjoy a dining experience where the hosts take complete care of you and our trained chef masterfully prepares your meal right in front of you.

Omakase provides you with a great valuable experience you won't forget.


Omakase is for the daring and adventurous, as well as those who want to try something new. You will be able to taste the best Omakase in Toronto and try something different every time you visit.

Sushi Umi Omakase - Japanese Fine Dining - Markham Toronto - Quality


At Sushi Umi, we create food that we consider to be art. From start to finish, each piece of sushi on the plate has been handled with care. 


The Omakase dining experience at Sushi Umi exceeds expectations in all senses. In our soothing ambience, you will be able to enjoy your food and company while we handle the rest.

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