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Sushi Umi Omakase - Japanese Fine Dining - Markham Toronto - serving kitchen

Who should try Omakase?

what to expect from the highly popular dining experience - Omakase

We believe that if you even remotely enjoy sushi and fish in general, you absolutely must have at least one authentic "Omakase" dining experience in your lifetime. Sushi Umi located in Markham is the finest place to try one.

Sushi Umi Omakase - Japanese Fine Dining - Markham Toronto - high quality food
What can you expect from an Omakase experience?

Omakase is the finest way to enjoy Japanese food in its most straightforward, exquisite form.


Each dish is meant to be savoured, allowing you to reflect on its fine seasoning and rich flavours. The journey can start from simple fish going on to heavier richer flavours, finally ending with our signature dessert for the perfect climax. Our menu also includes wagyu & foie gras sushi, according to their season.


The flavours from such a plain-looking piece of sushi can linger for minutes, much like the flavours of delightful wine. Because of this, it's crucial to savour each flavour and let it develop gradually.


The journey usually begins with a light appetizer before transitioning to savoury and satisfying "stars of the evening". Dining at Sushi Umi has the atmosphere of a performance, you'll remember it forever.

Omakase is Between You And The Chef

At Sushi Umi you will feel more connected to the meal and get twice as much satisfaction out of it. It is also a complete experience that allows for a higher intimacy, with the chef as well as the food. In contrast to regular restaurants, omakase seats you at the sushi counter, right in front of the chef.


The truth is that no two Omakase experiences will be the same.


The head chef personalizes the experience to the individual customers' likes and preferences through intuition and interaction.


Omakase Dining at Sushi Umi

For dining, we only offer the chef's tasting menu (that is, Omakase), which aims at enhancing the taste of the dishes. The menu changes depending on the season and availability of ingredients.

Sushi Umi is the place for you if you appreciate indulging in fine dining, enjoying an intimate gathering, and receiving personal attention from the chef. With 15 seats available at once, a quiet, tranquil, and exclusive experience is ensured.

Sounds intriguing?

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable evening of personalized delicacies and premium seafood imported from Japan with Sushi Umi. 

Please inform us in advance of any allergies you may have and make sure everyone in your party is aware of them. Please be aware that we might not be able to meet requests made after you've already entered the restaurant. 

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